Game Changing POS / ERP Software

The decision to change a computer system usually has a ten year life. For that reason I am encouraging you and your team to take a look at what is completely new. LBM Lift Off is like no other software in our industry.

Recruiting High-Quality Employees

We believe in a recruiting process that identifies the “right” candidates, and by doing so, helps to ensure the success of the candidate selected.  We work with you to develop a Job Benchmark against which we compare candidates. With decades of experience in the LBM industry and a decade recruiting, we are uniquely qualified to recruit the best match to your company and its specific needs.

Selling Your Business

For the owners of multi-generational LBM’s, the decision to sell can be a tough decision. If you are at the point of deciding what is best for you, your family and your key employees and need help processing your options, reach out to Jim Enter. He has helped many other dealers through this process.